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Bunny bowl: with ceramics to fight against tipping

This bunny bowl with ceramic is ideal for teaching your rabbit to eat without dumping the food all over the place. In fact, every bun has the want to play with and spill their rabbit bowl, kind of like a baby. ☺
But he can always attempt with this bunny accessory, without success.

Rabbit bowl in ceramic

Absolutely, especially for a little rabbit, ceramic is a weighty substance. Therefore, there is no chance of spillage while using this rabbit food bowl to hold food or water.

why choose a rabbit bowl?

This bunny bowl with ceramic is the ideal size so that your pet may eat and drink whenever they want, without worrying. This ceramic water rabbit bowl is substantial and has a bamboo support. The bunny bowl is now even more stable as a result of this. Additionally, everything is properly sized for your dwarf rabbit.

Additionally, if you are on the fence regarding the rabbit feeder model, we want to remind you that a bowl should always be used instead of a rabbit water bottle.

Rabbit bowl

Even while it has some benefits and can hold a lot of water, the rabbit water bottle does not allow for proper drinking posture and might cause dental lesions in your beloved friend with long ears.

Hygiene, last but not least!

Buns prefer cleanliness, as you probably already know. We’d like to remind you that the rabbit bowl needs to be put in opposition to the litter box for this reason. Your bunny will be able to eat and drink worry-free if you do it this way.

Rabbit bowl

More details:

  • Available colors: Pink or grey
  • Materials: Bamboo wood + Ceramic
  • Size: D 16cm x H 6.5cm
  • Capacity: 400mL

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Pink, Grey