Rabbit toys

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Find on “Flop Bunny” the best toys for rabbit. Bunny tunnel, logic toys for rabbits, rabbit chew toys and many other games to satisfy your pet. Bunnies can get bored if they don’t have any distraction in their day. Give your dwarf rabbit or holland lop the right toy for his well-being and development.


No need to go through 4 paths, our toys for rabbits will be perfect to prevent him from getting bored… We have created them to meet the needs of the most difficult and recalcitrant bunny. You’ll find what we’ll call “classic” toys: little hay balls to chew on, rabbit wooden toys, but also rabbit trees with great straw carrots to chew on, tunnels, treat dispensers, treat puzzle, and even rabbit forage mat.


Your rabbit is bored, you can’t stimulate him anymore? Don’t worry, with a foraging mat your pet bunny will have a whole new playground! With this mat, he will be able to use his senses, his sense of smell, his touch… Hide some of the treats he loves and you’ll see him searching, scratching and poking around to find them. It is also a good toy to stimulate the intelligence and reflexes of the holland lop or dwarf bunny. 😉


In the whole community, we are unanimous tunnels are the favorite toy of the pet bunny! Surely the best toy for him, he will feel at home almost immediately and will want to appropriate it (it is for him 😉 ). We offer you a wide range of tunnel, tunnel with cushion, half-circle tunnel, tunnel with opening… Don’t worry, you will find what your rabbit needs. These are perfect Christmas toys for pet rabbits.