Rabbit stacking cups


  • Interactive toy for rabbits
  • Digging toy
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Rabbit stacking cups: a strategic logic toy

This rabbit stacking cups is a little more sophisticated variant of well-known digging toys for rabbits. It is really amusing, sharpens your rabbit’s intellect, and awakens its senses.

rabbit stacking cups

With the help of this enjoyable and entertaining rabbit toy, you may develop a close relationship with your devoted friend by playing together for extended periods of time. Additionally, it will support its faith in you. In fact, engaging in rabbit activities like these with your small furry friend can help you and your relationship grow over time.

How to play with your bunny?

This rabbit stacking cups forces your bunny to use a specific technique, which accounts for how interesting it is.

Six cups in various colors are piled from largest to smallest to make this toy for bunnies. You’re supposed to put his favorite snacks on each level. The treats your bunny loves are buried throughout this interactive rabbit toys, so he’ll have to use his nose and instincts to try and find them. The cups can be thrown or knocked over by him. This is one of the best rabbit toys in the USA, and nothing can deter him from seeking out treats!

Rabbit toy stacking cups

ABS plastic is used to manufacture the cups. This substance combines non-toxicity with strength, lightness and solidity. Therefore, your pet will not be in danger if your rabbit bites the rabbit stacking cups. Large companies like Playmobil and Leggo use it as a main component.

More details:

  • Colour: Multicolour
  • 6 small stackable pots + 1 ball
  • Materials: ABS plastic (non-toxic)