Rabbit house

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Are you looking for the best rabbit house or home? You will find it on “Flop Bunny”, our specialized bunny store. Indoor rabbit house, hideout, rabbit home and bunny castle will delight your rabbit. It is important that your pet bunny is comfortable. Teepee, straw house, bunny bed you will not be more where to give of the head.


Our complete collection of dwarf rabbit houses will leave you speechless. Whether it is a hidey house, a teepee or a castle! You will find what you are looking for at “Flop Bunny”! We advise you to choose a colorful model for more fantasy. If you want to stay sober, our gray houses and huts will be perfect! 😋

Give your pet rabbit a little space just for him in your living room where he will feel good! You wish that when you let him free in your home, he has his own place to rest at your side? Perfect, look at our collection of house you will surely find your happiness.


Even you dream about it! A rabbit teepee in the living room in front of the TV, a soft and so comfortable hiding place! Unfortunately, at “Flop Bunny”, we give pleasure to the rabbit before anything else (but what a pleasure you will feel to see it lounging at your feet!). Here, this is what you can offer to your beloved pet, what a luxury isn’t it! Dwarf bunnies need a rabbit house to feel safe and calm. A teepee would be a great way for him to rest in your living room. With a sober and elegant design, it will blend perfectly with your decor.