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Rabbit bed with ears : the ideal indoor house sleeping arrangement

This rabbit bed with ears is the most amazing place for a rabbit hideout. Long winter nights are the perfect time to keep your pet warm with this. It has that cozy, cocoon-like appearance that buns adore thanks to the cushioning and the incredibly plush velvet fabric utilized.
This bunny home resembles a small cave. At any point, your loyal buddy will be able to slink inside of it to hide and feel secure.

Rabbit bed grey

The “safety” component is crucial for your small furry friend’s mental health and shouldn’t be overlooked. Bunnies adore this indoor rabbit house because it inherently makes them feel protected because it is reminiscent of a burrow.
Literally, it is the perfect rabbit hidey house for sleeping or simply relaxing while being encircled on all sides. He might never come out once more 😊.

A home for a bunny

This bunny bed is really cozy. It has the title of the most beautiful rabbit house thanks to its adorable design, complete with bunny ears and a tail.
This rabbit bed with ears also features a unique anti-slip substance underneath it. This means that even if your small furry companion snuggles close to the cushion, it won’t move.

Because of its adorable design, you can place this rabbit hideout in any part of the house or in the pen you keep your pet in without ruining the decor!

Rabbit bed grey

More details:

  • Available colour: Grey
  • Size: 50cm x 40cm x 35cm
  • Materials: Soft fabric