Bunny Bed

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Looking for a bed for your rabbit to rest in? Discover all the bunny beds on “Flop Bunny”. Hammock for rabbit, rabbit mat, bunny snuggle bed, the best bedding for rabbit are on the online store. Here you will find everything you need for your pet’s comfort.


Discover a complete collection of rabbit beds specially designed for the comfort of your furry friend. Offer your rabbit a hammock, you will see he will love to sleep on it. You can also opt for a soft pillow where he will love to play and take long naps in the living room. Your small pet will love sleeping in a bunny snuggle bed, it will feel safe.šŸ˜‹

It is important to offer your bunny a good bed so that he can rest serenely. You can put it in its enclosure or in your living room so that it finds its place there. Beds made of natural material are also very good for your dwarf rabbit or holland lop. Your pet will be able to nibble on them without any worry, this will also wear out his teeth.


Our collection of rug for rabbits is ideal to protect your rabbit’s paws. Bunnies are sensitive to pododermatitis, so choose a rabbit mat. Our comfortable mats and rabbit cooling pad will make your bunny happy. He will never have been so comfortable with our bunny beds.