Rabbit Harness

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The largest choice of Rabbit harness is on “Flop Bunny” ! Discover the Harnesses and leashes for dwarf bunny adapted to its small size. Difficult to find the right harness for your rabbit, here all our rabbit harnesses have been tested on rabbits of all sizes. Walk your bunny safely, he will be happy to take the air.


Want a way to get out with your dwarf rabbit safely? Our Rabbit Harness are perfect for going out in peace and style. Choose from our range of exclusive harnesses and models and give your holland lop the style and safety it deserves.

Many brands of accessories and harnesses for pet rabbits display identical models and brands with plain colors and without style, it is not the case at “Flop Bunny”. The least we can say is that our products are not sober… Why? Because according to us, a harness for an animal as fragile as the rabbit must be visible and must display flashy colors and a unique style to be seen at any time. That’s why, you must also choose yours today and make it your favorite outfit for outings with your dwarf rabbit and his super Harness.


We are not going to lie to ourselves, our range of clothes is not made to please everyone, we chose to differentiate ourselves from all these rather sad stores. This type of rabbit harness is not made to be worn by all domestic bunnies. Our designers work to offer the best to those who deserve it. So if you and your pet have a happy, good-natured spirit and a great sense of humor! Then you’ll have a great time together while keeping your bunny safe and always visible with flashy colors so you never take your eyes off him. šŸ‘€

If you want to keep it simple, we suggest you choose a simple and classic harness. We have some that have different styles depending on the character of your dwarf bunny, this may be what you are looking for. In case like most of the people visiting this page, you want to go for the best quality price for your pet! We recommend our Reflective Rabbit Harness, a great design, colorful, but not too much with a good support and recognizable to keep an eye on your small pet!