Carrot rabbit harness


  • Easy to adjust
  • Adapted to the small size of the bunny
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Carrot rabbit harness: a perfect accessory for walks

This carrot rabbit harness was specifically created to accommodate dwarf bunnies’ petite frames. It is perfect for walking, traveling, or perhaps both. With the help of this bunny supply, your litle pet can safely extend its legs. If the circumstances allow it, you can also forgo the transport cage.

Carrot rabbit harness

In fact, having a bunny harness is a crucial accessory, especially if you live in an apartment. You can take your long-eared pal on leisurely strolls across the park or through the forest while having no worries about losing him.

On top of this bunny accessory sits a cute little orange carrot. The most lovely times for your adorable little ball of fur will be when he strolls through the park.

A very practical rabbit leash

It is simple to put on and take off this adjustable carrot rabbit harness. Simply open up the harness’s adjustable sections and slide it around your bunny’s chest while keeping an eye on its ears.

Carrot bunny harness

There are two sections to this harness and bunny leash. The first piece is the one you wrap around your tiny friend’s chest, making sure it fits him properly and is just tight enough to keep him well-supported but at ease.

The second component is a rabbit leash, which needs to be fastened to the harness with a sturdy hook. This manner, you can always remove the leash and keep the rabbit accessory around his chest, for instance at the veterinarian.

bunny harness

More details:

  • 2 sizes available : XS or S
  • Model : Carrot with leash

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