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Spring bunny clothes: The Perfect Attire

Spring bunny clothes are here to make a statement! This charming, blossoming green ensemble is more than just a trendy rabbit outfit for your pet. It’s a functional rabbit harness that ensures your pet’s safety during outdoor adventures or visits to the vet.

Flower green rabbit clothes

Our bunny clothes come with a detachable leash, allowing your furry friend to hop around while staying close to you. It’s a rabbit apparel that combines safety and style, perfect for outdoor excursions.

Adjustable and comfy, this bunny harness is a must-have for secure and stylish outings with your adorable pet.

An Exquisite Bunny Harness

Our Spring bunny clothes are straightforward to use. Simply slip it onto your bunny’s back and fasten the adjustable side straps. Ensure the straps are snug but not too tight to let your bunny move around with ease.

rabbit clothes green

With its beautiful green background adorned with multicolored floral patterns, this bunny in clothes is a sight to behold.

Our rabbit clothing is made of cotton, making them easy to clean. They can be hand-washed or machine-washed on a gentle cycle to maintain their quality.

The leash attached to this harness for rabbits measures approximately 49.21 inches, offering ample freedom for your little one to explore while staying safe.

rabbit clothes harness


  •  Size: Ideal for bunnies with a neck size between 16 and 25cm (6.3 and 9.8 in) and a chest size between 24 and 35cm (9.4 and 13.8 in).
  •  Color: Green with a vibrant floral and strawberry pattern