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Ceremony Bunny Clothing: perfect for your memorable occasions

Ceremony Bunny Clothing is a must-have item for any bunny owner who wants to add a dash of elegance to their furry friend’s life.

Not only is this rabbit in clothes a stylish accessory, but it also doubles as a bunny harness, providing the perfect blend of freedom and security for your bun during outdoor adventures.

Costume for rabbits

This exquisite piece of rabbit apparel is just what you need for capturing some truly unforgettable photos, adding a dash of charm and delight to your little companion.

Comfort meets chic in this rabbit clothing, promising to add a unique twist to your bunny’s park strolls or vet visits.

A Sophisticated Bunny Outfit

The ceremony bunny clothing feature an enchanting dress, specifically tailored for your petite female bunny.

The rabbit clothes design features a cinched waistline, a top embellished with white pearls, and a skirt decorated with black polka dots atop a solid beige backdrop.

Ceremony bunny clothing

As a bunny harness, it also includes a 125cm pearl leash, adding that extra touch of elegance.

To dress your bunny in these rabbits clothes, simply lay it on your pet’s back and fasten the side straps around your bunny’s abdomen.


Caractéristiques :

  • Size: Suitable for rabbits with a neck circumference of 1723cm (6.7-9.1 in) and a chest circumference between 2532cm ( 9.8-12.6 in)
  • Color: Black polka dots on beige fabric