Rabbit bed in hut form


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Rabbit bed in hut form: an ideal hiding place

The rabbit bed in hut form is warm and comfortable. It’s perfect for keeping your rabbit comfortable indoors throughout the colder months. This bed for rabbit has a well-thought-out design that is excellent for pet dwarf rabbits or holland lops. The indoor rabbit house is shaped like a little cave and will provide a safe haven for your pet.

Rabbit bed in hut form

The bed for bunnies is suitable for indoor bunnies and/or dwarf rabbits. This mini bunny house is constructed of padded cotton and is perfect for your small pet’s comfort.
This soft and cozy rabbit hideaway will be a favorite resting spot for your bunny. It will be secure and safe!

The bunny bed is an absolute must-have!

Our cute little fur balls are really fond of this bed. Your small animal will love to sink into his little bunny hide away in the shape of a cave, as the animal instinct takes over. Furthermore, the fabric and cushioning utilized in the construction of this rabbit hidey house keep your beloved bunny warm.

Rabbit bed in hut form

The indoor bunny house is absolutely necessary for your rabbit’s health and development. It also provides your trusty buddy with his own space in the house.

This bedding will allow it to hide and feel safe. This rabbit bed is a miniature house. It will be infused with his scent, reinforcing his sense of security and tranquility.

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  • Materials: Soft fabric
  • Color: Available in light grey or orange
  • Size: l 38cm X L 28cm


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Grey, Orange