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An excellent bunny hideout

Are you looking for an original rabbit house or bed for your rabbit? This bunny hideout is suitable for rabbits that want peace and quiet. Your small bunny will just have to hide inside this bunny house.

Coussin pour lapin

The best bedding for rabbits

This rabbit hidey house is very comfortable for your bunny, with a soft and fluffy inner bed that makes it a perfect place for a nap. The bed for rabbit is also removable and machine washable. Your little friend will feel safe and soothed in his new hut.

coussin dehoussable

Bunny hideout: A luxury indoor rabbit house

If you wish, you can change the shape of this hideout into an even softer and more comfortable bed. Push the top part down and you will have a real soft basket for your bunny.

Cabane lapin

More details:

Size: Diameter 40cm x 31cm / 15,74″ x 12,20″
Material: Soft fabric

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Weight 680 lbs