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Straw rabbit home: a natural house

The straw rabbit home is a little tunnel constructed entirely of sustainable and all-natural materials. Your rabbit will be content in this cozy little nest. Indeed, your dwarf rabbit’s mental health will be greatly improved by this bunny hideout. He will automatically think of a real rabbit’s nest when he sees it. In this manner, your bunny will be able to hide inside of it and feel secure, allowing it to rest and sleep for extended periods of time in solitude.

Straw rabbit hut

Additionally, buns adore this type of cover because it reminds them of a burrow, which is a symbol of security and tranquility. This rabbit home‘s tunnel shape makes it fun for your pet, who can play inside and outside of both sides.

A real rabbit nest

Natural linen is used to cover the straw rabbit home. Straw and linen come together to make a material that is resistant to possible bites and scratches. Your rabbit loves to nibble on anything that falls under his paws, as you may have noticed. Since it is constructed of strong, natural materials, your dwarf rabbit won’t have any health problems in this rabbit housing.

Straw rabbit home

And don’t worry, buns are perfectly capable of nibbling. It’s actually one of their favorite things to do.


More details:

  • Materials : Straw + Linen
  • Size: 38 x 19 x 16 CM