Round bunny hideout


  • Indoor rabbit house
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Round bunny hideout: an ideal house

This Round bunny hideout is an ideal abode, ensuring your rabbit has a soothing area for undisturbed relaxation. Bunnies have a preference for dim, snug spots to snooze, away from distractions. The central recess of this shelter serves as a perfect hideout for your rabbit, ensuring peace and isolation from external disturbances. The Rabbit Donut den is bound to be their go-to spot for relaxation and undisturbed sleep

Round rabbit hideout

In this nurturing sanctuary, your bunny is sure to feel content and secure. This den addresses the inherent relaxation requirements of your furry friend.

The ideal elevated rabbit house

But Round bunny hideout, not just as an indoor rabbit house but more! Its sturdy top lets your bunny elevate and oversee its domain. The peak of the shelter is an ideal vantage point for your bunny to keep an eye on its surroundings. It’s a known fact, bunnies enjoy a bird’s-eye view of their environment!

rabbit hideout

The recess at the cushion’s center offers a snug spot for your rabbit to curl up and take in the sights. This ingenious dual-purpose den is certain to be a favorite for their downtime.

More details:

Size: Diameter 50cm x 20cm / 19,68″ x 7,87″
Color: grey
Material : Felt fabric