Modular Rabbit Castle


  • Indoor rabbit house
  • Wooden hideout

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Rabbit Castle: The cozy modular haven of your pet

Our Modular Rabbit Castle provides an excellent solution for your cherished bunny’s personal space. Tailored for maximum comfort, this indoor rabbit house grants your pet its own territory, making it feel secure while maintaining proximity to you.

Bunnies require their own enclosed area with various entry points, and this rabbit house perfectly fulfills this need, providing comfort and security. Given the shy and delicate nature of buns, they will surely appreciate this rabbit hideout where they can retreat to tranquility

Modular Rabbit Castle

With this rabbit home at their disposal, your bunny gets a place to comfortably settle, keep a watchful eye on its surroundings and reign over its territory.

A Sturdy Wooden Bunny Hideout

The Modular Rabbit Castle is an essential addition to your home for your pet’s happiness.

Constructed from sturdy and durable materials, this wooden house for rabbits guarantees longevity. It is crafted from MDF wood with a corrugated MDF surface for your bunny to rest on, ensuring maximum comfort.

Modular Rabbit House

This bunny castle is highly versatile, offering several assembly combinations for various scenarios. Your bunny can either nestle in the lower part or ascend two small steps to the upper part, providing it with a view of its entire surroundings.

Rabbit hideway uk

Finally, this bunny hideout is straightforward to assemble. You can split the two house modules to create two hideouts, one in your rabbit’s room and another in your living room.



  • Material: MDF wood
  • Size : Height: 27.17in / Width: 13.78in / Length : 28.35in

wooden rabbit house