Rabbit castle


  • Indoor rabbit house
  • Tunnel for rabbit

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Rabbit castle: a house and a tunnel for bunnies

This rabbit castle is the perfect mix between a house and a toy for rabbit. Your little bunny will love this home-like hiding place where he can hide and rest. You can attach the bunny tunnel part directly to the hut. Your dwarf bunny will be able to come and go in his castle as if he was rushing to his burrow. Your holland lop will love this fun new toy where it feels safe. The indoor rabbit house is perfect for bunnies who like to hide and play.

Place the rabbit castle and tunnel in your pet’s enclosure or in a room in your home where your dwarf bunny likes to go. This multi-functional bunny hideout will look great in your living room and your pet will love its new place in your home.

A design rabbit tent

Who won’t fall for this cute tent! This design is especially made for pet rabbits. The pink colour and the illustrated bunny designs will bring a touch of fun to your home.

More details:

rabbit castle size
Rabbit castle + rabbit tunnel
Colour: Pink
Size: Rabbit hut H:50cm X 40cm diameter / Tunnel H: 25cm X 96cm long
Materials: Nylon