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A tunnel system for rabbits : a pet bunny toys

This rabbit tunnel system is the perfect game to hide and play for hours. As you know, bunnies love to hide in the most unlikely places. This bunny toy will become his not so secret hiding place. Your bunny needs to exercise every day, for that rabbit games are very useful. This plastic game will become your rabbit’s favorite toy. It will feel as safe as if it were in its den. Your dwarf rabbit will love to run like a rocket through it.

Rabbit tunnel system

How do I keep my rabbit entertained?

Your bunny is bored and you don’t know what to do to keep him occupied? This rabbit tunnel system is a great way to keep your bunny busy. Place it in its enclosure or in your living room, your little friend will come right away to discover it. He will love to go through it and even lie down in it. For more fun, you can even put some treats inside to entertain your bunny.

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Color : Blue / pink
Size: 18 x 100 cm / 7,08″ x 39,37″

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