Rabbit ball pool


  • Playful toy for bunnies
  • Inspired by the rabbit foraging mat

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Rabbit ball pool: a fun toy for him

As the name implies, this rabbit ball pool is a playpen that can accommodate hundreds of tiny, colorful plastic rabbit balls. In fact, this rabbit toy is a sizable enclosure that is 40 cm tall. Perfect for carrying a lot of balls (between 100 and 200), depending on your preference. Your bunny will be even more drawn to it due to its style and color.

Rabbit ball pool

Your bun will like exploring this play area because there are so many fun things to discover.

This kind of bunny toy is quite nourishing, engaging to the senses, and it encourages vigorous physical activity in your dwarf rabbit. All of which encourages his mental and physical development. It’s a fantastic enrichment for rabbits.

A giant toy for rabbits

The enormous rabbit digging toy version served as the model for the rabbit ball pool (for added amusement).

Simply spread out your beloved companion’s favorite treats at the bottom of the playpen and cover them with the numerous balls to play this interactive rabbit toy. Then, your pet will eagerly jump in to grab his small treats.

Rabbit ball pool

He will be hopping about and sniffing around the balls as you watch, hunting for his favorite treats, which he will undoubtedly locate again.

This toy for bunnies will keep your pet occupied year-round, indoors or out.

More details:

  • Playpen + balls set
  • Quantity: 200 balls
  • Size: 120cm x 40cm high (side of the panels: 60cm)

Rabbit playpen - rabbit pool

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Playpen + 100 Balls, Playpen + 200 Balls