Rabbit ball toy


  • Toy for rabbits
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Rabbit ball: your rabbit’s new favorite toy

Rabbit ball toy is delightful play accessories designed to keep your little furry companion entertained and engaged.

Buns, being active and playful creatures, often get restless and resort to scratching, which could potentially harm your furniture and carpets. This is where our rabbit toy comes in as a savior – it offers hours of fun and amusement, effectively curbing boredom.

toy for rabbit ball

The spherical design of this rabbit ball adds an extra layer of fun, as your bunny can roll it around in any direction they please. Such interactive activity promotes not only your pet’s physical health but also their mental stimulation.

Rabbit ball

An Entertaining and Beneficial Bunny Toy

The Rabbit ball toy serves as a tool to strengthen the bond between you and your bunny. Engaging in a game of toss and fetch with the toy for bunny will bring you two closer together, establishing a strong rapport.

Rabbit ball toy

Moreover, for rabbits who haven’t been spayed or neutered, they might attempt to mount the ball. This toy for rabbits offers a harmless way for them to express their natural instincts, saving other pets from potential harm and your house from unnecessary damage.

toy for rabbit

Crafted from soft, non-toxic fabric and stuffed with cotton, this bunny ball is perfect for a fun-filled play session. The ball can be machine washed, ensuring it stays clean as your pet will frequently roll it around and nibble on it. Regular cleaning will protect your bunny from illness and harmful bacteria.



  • Color: Pink, blue, and yellow
  • Size: 16cm / 6.3 in