Straw Forage Mats for Rabbits


  • Toy for rabbits
  • Natural rabbit toy
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Straw Forage Mats for Rabbits: A pet’s recreational paradise

Straw Forage Mats for Rabbits is an exceptional tool to pique your bunny’s interest and stimulate their natural instincts.

Bunnies, being smart and naturally inquisitive creatures, find this rabbit digging toy a source of endless entertainment, contributing to their everyday well-being.

Rabbit Forage Mat in Straw

Convenient and engaging, this rabbit toy ensures your bunny is occupied for hours, warding off boredom and potential mischief. 🙂

A delightful, natural bunny toy

The Straw Forage Mats for Rabbit is a cinch to use. Equipped with small hemp cords on the back, this toy for bunnies can easily be secured within your pet’s enclosure for them to enjoy.

Rabbit Forage Mat in Straw

Of all the bunny toys your pet might own, this one is sure to quickly become a favorite! They can safely nibble, sniff, and chew to their heart’s content.

This rabbit enrichment toy also doubles up as a treat dispenser. Just slide your bunny’s favorite snacks between the mat’s fringes, and watch as they employ their senses and sniffing skills to retrieve them.

Straw Forage Mats for Rabbits

Remember, a content pet is a healthy pet. Hence, this type of rabbit snuffle mat can contribute significantly to your furry friend’s daily happiness.



  • Size: 27cm x 19cm x 9cm / 10.63in x 7.48in x 3.54in
  • Materials: Natural grasses