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Bunny chew toy : made with straw and to hang

The bunny chew toy to hang is a play accessory that allows your rabbit to chew without injuring itself. Don’t worry, chewing is a typical part of bun activity, and they enjoy it! This type of rabbit toy satisfies your pet’s nibbling urges without endangering its health.
The toy for rabbits also aids in the oral hygiene of your bunny!

This toy for rabbits is the excellent gift to give him to make him happy. It is made up of four little balls connected by cords. We locate a hook on one side and a bell on the other at the level of the ends. The hook is used to secure the natural rabbit toy so that it can be nibbled on. The bell can be used to amuse your pet. In this manner, your rabbit will be safe.

What is the extra value of rabbit toys?

More than simply a toy, the rabbit chew toy! Sure, your pet rabbit will like playing with this bunny toy; it will keep him occupied and entertained… But, on top of that, this rabbit accessory keeps your rabbit from chewing on other items in your home, such as your carpet, tablecloth, and slippers, among other things.

However, bear in mind that your rabbit’s primary food is still hay, so this bunny chew toy to hang is more of a supplement than a replacement.

More details:

Contains: 4 balls + 3 cords / 1 hook for attachment / 1 bell

Materials : Braided straw