Bunny hay feeder with litter tray


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Bunny hay feeder with litter tray: the must-have supply

The bunny hay feeder with litter tray is a necessary addition to have installed in your rabbit’s living quarters or pen. This rabbit supply is made up of a rabbit hay feeder and a bun-specific litter tray.Since it is constructed of genuine solid wood, your pet cannot be harmed by it.

This rabbit litter tray is very useful for your rabbit’s everyday needs. Hay feeders for bunnies may be added with ease, and for added convenience, the upper portion of the rack can be raised.

Bunny hay feeder with litter tray

Buns enjoy using the restroom and eating at the same time. Thus, it is ideal for starting toilet training at an early age. Thanks to the removably attached plastic tray, it is the ideal bunny accessory and simple to maintain. It is also simple to put together; all you have to do is use the two included screws to join the rabbit hay rack and litter box parts.

rabbit litter tray with hay rack

A customized rabbit litter box

Your rabbit’s name can be added to the bunny hay feeder with litter tray. The top of the feeder can be customized or left plain. This customization is developed specifically for you.

Rabbit hay feeder and litter tray

More details :

Materials : Solid wood (pine) untreated
Package content: Litter box + Rack + Blue plastic tray (grey out of stock) + 2 screws
Sizes: Litter box: L 41cm x W 30cm x H 11cm / Rack: L 12cm x W 30cm x H 30cm
No toxic
Made to order: minimum delay 3 weeks