Digging ball for rabbits


  • Inspired by the rabbit foraging mat
  • Rabbit ball
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Digging ball for rabbits: the playful toy 

This digging ball for rabbits is a type of rabbit foraging toy that your pet will like and excite. This toy for bunny is more than just a ball to roll about, in actuality. This rabbit ball features six little pockets that can house your adorable little fur ball’s favorite snacks in addition to helping to keep your rabbit fit.

In order for him to play and have fun at the same time.

Digging ball for rabbits

An interactive and healthy rabbit toy

This amusing rabbit toy is perfect for fostering your long-eared friend’s mental and physical growth.

It will be challenging to roll this bunny toy like a basic ball because its shape is not quite round. But it will make the task more enjoyable and exciting for your rabbit. The bun search mat-inspired game will significantly help to enhance your pet’s sense of analysis because it has six small hiding spots all around the object. Your bunny will spend a lot of time having fun with the game’s moderate difficulty.

Toy for rabbit ball

Additionally, engaging in play with a ball like this interactive toy for rabbits encourages physical fitness in your furry friend. Your bunny will joyfully sniff and turn his toy over to hunt for tiny pieces of dried apple or cranberry that you have hidden for him so he may find and enjoy his treats. ☺

Toy for rabbit

A tiny dwarf rabbit must therefore exert a lot of effort to engage in physical activity while playing. But relax, the reverse is true! He will benefit from long-term fitness benefits from it.

More details:

  • Available colours: Blue and Grey
  • Size: 15 cm

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Blue, Grey