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Rabbit cord protector: a supply to safeguard your bunny

This rabbit cord protector is quite useful. When you choose to adopt one of these adorable little balls of hair, it is a bunny accessory that you must have. In fact, buns have the irritating habit of gnawing on different household items, including electrical cords… Additionally, you should be aware that chewing on things is a rabbit’s usual behavior and one of their favorite pastimes. ☺

Rabbit cord protector

However, your pet can be in danger if it gnaws on electrical wires. They can be burned, electrocuted or even die.

So you can protect your little furry friend from these threats and extend the life of your home installations and electrical wiring by using this bunny cable protector!

An important bunny accessory!

This rabbit cable shield works well and is simple to use. Yes, all you have to do is gently roll it along your cable. You can slide your cable right into the spring if it is thin enough. This rabbit accessory is also bendable and capable of holding multiple cords at once.

Thus, there will be less risk for both you and your bunny in the event that he decides to bite. Your rabbit won’t be able to reach it.

Rabbit cord protector

Nevertheless, we want to remind you that no matter how your house is set up, it’s crucial to keep your electrical installations and cables out of your rabbit’s reach.

Try to raise them as much as you can, hide them, or as a last resort, use these bunny proof cord covers.

More details:

  • Available colors: Black, White
  • Size: 2M x 1.2cm diameter

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White, Black