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Rabbit forage mat: the new toy for bunny

The “Flop Bunny” Rabbit forage mat is the perfect toy for bunny to keep your dwarf bunny entertained. Bunnies are curious by nature, they love to snoop and explore everything around them. This foraging mat will keep your bunnybuns busy and exercising his intelligence for hours on end. Hide a few treats inside the rabbit foraging mat and it’s off to explore.

We all know that we need to keep our rabbit’s busy and entertained. It can be a challenge sometimes, but introducing the foraging mat is a great way to keep them on their toes and out of trouble. This cute little mat will give your bunny hours of fun and entertainment as they try to find the treats inside the holes of the mat.

Foraging mat for rabbits

An anti-boredom and stimulating toy for bunnies

The Rabbit forage mat is a perfect solution to boredom. Your bunny will be busy sniffing the treats you hide in the mat so he won’t realize you’ve been gone a long time. This bunny toy is a good occupation that stimulates his senses and his intelligence, which helps him to stay mentally healthy and fulfilled in his rabbit life. It’s a great activity for both young, old and even adults rabbits. So get this foraging mat today to keep your bunny healthy and happy!

Foraging mat for rabbits

More details of this toy for rabbit:

  • Stimulates senses and intelligence
  • Preserves his mental health
  • Anti gluttony tip (allows your rabbit to eat less quickly)
  • Size: Diameter of about 45 cm / 17,7″
  • Materials: Felt
  • Color: Grey and White