Rabbit hay bag


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Rabbit hay bag: practical and economical

Are you fed up with your dwarf bunny or holland lop wasting hay? The Rabbit hay bag is the anti-waste solution! Fill the hay holder for rabbits from the top, your bunny will love to eat from this fun new accessory. The no mess hay feeder will make your life much easier! No more hay everywhere!

This is a safer, cleaner and more accessible alternative for your bunny. It is not advisable to leave the hay on the floor as it could be soiled by your small pet, so it is not very hygienic. Your bunny also needs to have hay available all day, and filling it up is easy with this model of bag.

Rabbit hay bag

The rabbit hay bag for litter training rabbits

Place the hay bag in your rabbit’s pen or just above the litter box, yes rabbits love to eat their hay while peeing and pooping. This is a tip for potty training a rabbit. To prevent your rabbit from doing its business everywhere, it must have the reflex to go in its litter box. A rabbit hay bag will help your bunny to understand that the litter box is a nice place to go and is therefore ideal for this purpose.

A nice and cute hay holder

The hay holder is available in 3 different colours. It is easily attached to the bars of a cage or pen with 2 metal hooks.

More details:

  • Cotton
  • Size: 33cm long x 24cm high x 5.5cm wide / 13″ l x 9,4″ h x 2,1″ w
  • Yellow

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Yellow, Blue, Coral