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Rabbit hay feeder barrel: a perfect supply for him

This rabbit hay feeder barrel is a must-have accessory for your bunny. Unlike other plastic or metal feeders, this bunny hay rack is made of wood, making it much more durable and long-lasting. This rabbit feeder is ideal for keeping your bunny’s food clean and healthy. Simply open the lid, fill it with a generous amount of hay and close the lid. Your pet will soon discover this appetizing new accessory.

Rabbit hay feeder baril bunny

For more fun and entertainment for your pet, you can put the bunny hay barrel horizontally. This will keep your rabbit amused. When your dwarf bunny wants to nibble on the hay, it will spin the barrel like a machine. A new toy for rabbit that your bunny will love.

Rabbit hay feeder the best

Why a rabbit rack?

In order to have a healthy rabbit, it is very important that your small animal eats hay daily. It is the main and basic food of the dwarf bunny, and he must eat it every day in large quantities. This food should be given as much as possible at all times, so this rabbit hay feeder barrel is ideal for him. The hay is perfect for your rabbit’s digestive system and for the normal wear of its teeth.

More details:

Wooden hay rack
Size: H 25cm x 19cm diameter