Rabbit scratcher


  • Rabbit scratching post
  • Bunny Accessory
  • Claw maintenance

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A Rabbit scratcher in the shape of a small bridge

Your bunny scratches his pen, his carpets, cushions or other?
This is normal, a bunny needs to scratch because it is his natural instinct. The dwarf bunny, usually, scratches to dig galleries and build its burrow. The problem with our dear domestic bunnies is that they do not have to dig galleries to protect themselves from predators or bad weather. The “Flop Bunny” rabbit scratcher is the solution to prevent your rabbit from scratching anything and everything. It’s an ideal toy and a release for his little paws.

The advantages of this bunny accessory

  • A rabbit scratching post to let off steam
  • Strong and durable, specially designed for your rabbit’s claws
  • A Tunnel that can be a game and a hiding place
  • A Cabin that he can climb on
  • Use his claws

More details:

Size : 21 x 16 x 13 cm high / 8,26″ x 6,29″ x 5,11″ high