Rabbit scratching post carrot


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A rabbit scratching post in the shape of a carrot

The rabbit scratching post carrot is a bunny supply that will radically alter the course of your pet’s life. First and foremost, because rabbits naturally enjoy scratching. So your bunnycan let off steam and fulfill its scratching urge with this attachment.

Rabbit scratching post carrot

Your pet rabbit can use this rabbit tree to scratch instead of the floor or searching for a spot or piece of furniture to do so, wearing down its claws in the process. This rabbit accessory is also more resilient than typical cardboard scratchers.

NB: Despite this, we would like to remind you to routinely trim your rabbit’s little claws to prevent them from growing too long and causing him problems in his daily life.

Rabbit scratching post carrot

A 2in1 rabbit tree

This carrot rabbit scratching post is a bunny accessory that was created and produced using hemp rope. This natural, non-toxic substance allows the tree for rabbits to serve as both a chew toy and a scratching post.

Your dwarf rabbit will undoubtedly attempt to munch on this tree of bunny carrots. Additionally, chewing on various objects is one of rabbits’ favorite past times. But don’t worry, it’s not harmful to him; in fact, just the reverse. Additionally, it might keep his teeth healthy.

Rabbit scratching post carrot

Additionally, the style of this rabbit accessory, which is shaped like a huge carrot, makes it a true ornamental item that would look fantastic in your pet’s enclosure or in any part of your home.

More details:

  • Model: Carrot
  • Size: 26 x 29 cm
  • Materials: Hemp

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