Rabbit water bottle with bowl


  • Anti-spill
  • Automatic filling
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A rabbit water bottle with bowl: ideal for him

This rabbit water bottle with bowl is ideal for allowing your pet to drink privately and in the most comfortable position. This addition, which is especially made to stop your little pet from spilling his rabbit water bowl, may be hung and fastened to the bars of the pen so that your little furry doesn’t get it everywhere.

Rabbit water bottle automatic

Additionally, this rabbit bowl is the ideal substitute for a bottle for your rabbit because the latter requires an uncomfortable drinking position and runs the danger of breaking its tiny teeth.

Therefore, if you choose to adopt one of these adorable little balls of fur, this bunny accessory is absolutely important.

The perfect bunny supply

It’s incredibly easy to use this automatic rabbit water bottle. Simply fill the plastic bottle that can be detached and insert it upside down into the fixed portion.

The water is kept safe in the rabbit water dispenser in this manner and is put into the bowl as it empties. As a result, the water is shielded from the elements and kept from becoming contaminated or harmed. It strikes a balance between the bowl and the rabbit bottle system. The ideal way to keep your rabbit’s water clean

Rabbit water bottle with bowl

In addition, this water bottle for rabbits is robust and simple to clean.

Finally, because this rabbit accessory is hangable and fixable, you may position it at the perfect height based on the size of your beloved long-eared companion. Largest rabbits have the highest and smallest buns have the lowest values

More details:

  • Available colours: Blue, Pink or White
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Capacity: 500ml

Rabbit water bottle

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Pink, Blue, White