Bunny bed hammock shape


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Bunny bed: a fun hammock shape

The bunny bed hammock shape is an amazing bed with a design inspired by the famous rocking chair. This rabbit bed is really comfortable and fun, perfect for your little furry friend. The bedding is also reminiscent of a hammock.

Rabbit bed hammock

Your bunny will enjoy to climb up on this bed for rabbits because it gives him a better view of his surroundings. Additionally, this has a significant positive impact on your long-eared friend’s mental health. Whether in his enclosure or in the center of your living room, he can sleep or laze for hours on end.

Rabbit bed hammock

An irresistible rabbit accessory

The rabbit hammock has a wooden stand. This bunny bed is incredibly robust, dependable, and simple to put together and install. Additionally, because of its distinctive style, you may put it anywhere you like without changing the way your home is decorated.☺

Additionally, the material used to make this bed for bunnies is incredibly soft, ensuring that your pet will always feel comfortable.

Bunny bed hammock shape

Also keep in mind that there are two ways you can use this rabbit bed. It does, in fact, have little wooden feet that aid in stabilizing and fixing it in a single position. Otherwise, you may leave the legs off to create a sort of bunny hammock swing, much to your long-eared companion’s delight. ☺

More details:

  • Available color: Grey
  • Materials : Wood + Fabric
  • Size: W59 x L37 x H20 cm