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Chew toy for rabbit: preserves his teeth

When you go away your rabbit, can feel very lonely if he has nothing to occupy himself and make him forget that you are gone. With this small cheap toy for rabbit, your little friend can play and be entertained while you are away.
This Chew toy for rabbit is non-toxic to your rabbit. This must-have toy is ideal for keeping your bunny busy. This hay ball for rabbit will be a plus in your rabbitou’s environment to prevent him from getting bored.

This toy also preserves the dental health of your bunny. It is important that your dwarf rabbit wears its teeth properly. Hay is the primary food that wears down your rabbit’s teeth, but a little help is always welcome. This chew ball will be perfect. 

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Material : Hay
Size: 6 cm / 2,36″

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Weight 35 lbs