Enclosure Rabbit Mat


  • Anti-slip mat for rabbits
  • Fight against pododermatitis
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Enclosure rabbit mat: cozy and ideal for binkies

Introducing an enclosure rabbit mat to your pet’s designated area or pen is an indispensable addition. More than just an attractive accessory, this flooring for rabbits ensures a snug spot for your fluffy pal to rest, nap, and play while keeping their sensitive paws protected.

Enclosure Rabbit Mat

This gentle, non-slip rabbit floor mat stays securely in place, even when your bunny is hopping around or having a burst of energy. Transform your rabbit’s space into an entertaining play zone by adding a cozy hideaway, comfy bed, and engaging toys. There’s nothing better to keep your furry friend content!

rabbit playmat

Versatile and comfy rabbit bedding

Our rectangular enclosure rabbit mat is crafted from a soft, inviting fabric with a slim padding layer inside. This design offers the utmost comfort for your pet, making it perfect for those prone to pododermatitis.

rabbit mat for pododermatitis

To use this rabbit playmat, place it in your rabbit’s pen or dedicated area. This versatile rabbit flooring can also be used as a protective floor area in case of incidents during travel. Its portability ensures a familiar and comfortable spot for your pet on the go..

rabbit flooring

Additionally, maintaining the cleanliness of this fabric bunny mat is a breeze. Simply toss it in the washing machine at low temperatures to keep it fresh and hygienic for your beloved bunny.


  • Enclosure rabbit mat
  • Color: White with charming rabbit design
  • Material: Soft fabric
  • Size: 3 different sizes :
    90 x 160 cm   /   35.43 x 62.99 in
    110 x 180 cm  /  43.31 x 70.87 in
    120 x 210 cm   /  47.24 x 82.68 in
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Non-slip
  • Anti-pododermatitis
  • Water-resistant

rabbit mat anti slip


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35.43 x 62.99in, 47.24 x 82.68in