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Flower Bunny Bed: blossoming comfort for your pet

The Flower Bunny Bed designed in the form of a beautiful daisy bloom is an accessory that assures ultimate comfort to your fluffy companion. This flower-shaped bed for a rabbit is supremely soft, creating an inviting spot for your bun to nap or relax for extended periods.

Flower bunny Bed

Providing a designated and plush bed for bunnies nurtures their fondness for having their personal haven to watch over their domain. This gives them a comforting sense of safety and tranquillity.

By choosing this rabbit bed, you are offering your pet a space that is exclusively theirs, whether it’s nestled in your home or elsewhere. This stunning bed for rabbits can also be conveniently transported when traveling, helping your bunny feel at ease in familiar surroundings imbued with their scent.

A cute rabbit bed

Envisioned as a cushy sanctuary for your pet, this Flower Rabbit Bed is as soft as it is visually appealing. Its presence enhances the aesthetics of your home, injecting a dash of whimsy wherever it’s situated.

bunny bed

This rabbit pillow, featuring high-quality and plush fabric, takes the form of a large daisy. Each petal is individually stuffed with non-toxic cotton, creating a cozy hollow at the center where your bunny would relish curling up for hours on end.

In terms of care, it’s advisable to machine wash this bed for bunnies at a gentle cycle and let it air dry to keep it fresh and soft.



  • Color: Pink
  • Size: 55cm (21.65 in) in diameter