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Rabbit collar: an essential supply

This rabbit collar is a very practical addition in the event of surgery or accident. In fact, the bunny collar is a flexible cone that you put around your dwarf pet’s neck. For instance, it stops your pet from eating the stitches left behind after sterilization.

Rabbit collar

Additionally, it will stop your bun from scratching itself in the event of a wound or surgery of any kind.

Yes, even though buns naturally scrape each other. Nevertheless, it could be quite risky for him if he has sutures or an open wound.

A rabbit accessory that is easy to put on

It’s quite simple to put on this collar for rabbits. On the ends, it contains Velcro. Then you must put it around your long-eared friend’s neck while gently pulling on the thread that enables adjustment. Once the rabbit collar is properly positioned, all that’s needed to secure it is to overlap the ends of the velcro.

Rabbit collar adjustable

This rabbit accessory is the ideal size for your adorable pet. Additionally, he will be able to drink without concern or discomfort.

You should also be aware that this bunny supply is waterproof, incredibly easy to clean, and softly padded for comfort.

The bunny collar is a very useful accessory for bathing. It keeps your bunny’s head from becoming wet and shields his eyes and ears from the special cleaning solution.

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  • Available colors : Pink, Yellow
  • Suitable for rabbits with a neck size between 11 and 15cm

Rabbit collar adjustable

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Yellow, Pink