Rabbit cooling mat with carrot design


  • Rabbit bed
  • Perfect for hot summers
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Rabbit cooling mat: a cool bed with carrot design

This rabbit cooling mat with carrot design is a circular, really soft rabbit bed that has a unique gel. The gel in the centre of the rabbit bed instantly cools your pet during the hot summer weather.

During the sweltering summer, the gel in the center of the mat for rabbit rapidly cools your pet. This unique rabbit mat can maintain a low temperature for several hours to provide your bunny the best possible thermal comfort. Additionally, its padded surround and flattened middle (the source of coolness) will give him an area all his own, clearly defined and comfortable, just the way he likes it.

Rabbit cooling mat

How to keep rabbits cool in summer?

Your small bunny will benefit greatly from the rabbit cooling mat with carrot design in terms of both physical and emotional health. After all, buns dislike and cannot endure extreme heat. You’ll note that during the heat, your long-eared companion will continually search for cool sources or shaded areas to cool off, whether they are indoors or out.

Rabbit cooling mat with carrot design

By preventing heat stroke, this cooling rabbit pad will keep your little furry friend nice and cool.

It’s true that your rabbit’s body will stay cool in this bunny bed. But it can’t be his only source of cool relief in the summer. We suggest that you periodically change the water in your beloved rabbit’s bowl, moisten his ears or give him a little bath to keep him cool.

Precautions for use:  

This cooling pad for pets must be used under close supervision with bunnies. Buns love to chew and have claws. The mat’s flat surface has a unique, inedible gel in it.


More details:

  • Available colour: Carrot
  • Available shape: Round
  • Size: or 43 cm diameter