Rabbit nail clippers with LED


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Rabbit nail clippers with LED: safe and ideal

Rabbit nail clippers with LED are an essential supply to have when you adopt a rabbit in your home. Initially, because your small pal can itch themselves badly! You should also be aware that bunnies have a natural urge to scratch the ground. The floor of the room may become damaged if your rabbit’s nails grow too long, especially if the floor is made of wood.

Rabbit nail clippers with LED

Therefore, taking care of and trimming your dwarf rabbit’s nails is necessary to keep it safe from potential harm as well as to preserve your flooring and carpets.

This rabbit accessory is perfect and very useful for this task because it features a tiny LED light that makes it possible to safely clip your rabbit’s nails.

The best accessory for rabbits

Rabbit nail clippers with LED is highly user-friendly. It has a tiny battery within (like the one found in car keys). To turn on the light, simply press the ON/OFF button.

Rabbit nail clippers

Additionally, the LED light integrated inside this bunny accessory makes the bloodline, which shouldn’t be touched, more visible. In fact, before using this bunny nail clipper for the first time, don’t be afraid to ask your veterinarian.

Additionally, you should be aware that the safety lock on this accessory enables you to fix the cutting blade.

More details:

  • Available colour: Blue
  • Integrated LED light