Rabbit Scratching Post – Cactus


  • Ideal for rabbits’ claws
  • Rabbit accessories
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Rabbit Scratching Post: a cactus mat for your pet’s fun

The Rabbit Scratching Post – Cactus, is a delightful accessory for rabbits that proves its utility especially with indoor buns. This bunny supply provides your pet with a designated area to scratch and exert their energy. Scratching is a natural instinct for rabbits as it mimics their wild behavior of digging and creating burrows.

rabbit scratching post

Besides, it’s vital to keep your rabbit’s nails neatly trimmed to avoid them growing too long, which may lead to health or behavioral issues. This rabbit supply enables your pet to keep its claws in check, thereby protecting your furniture and carpets from getting scratched. 🙂

How can I use my bunny’s claws?

The Rabbit Scratching Post – Cactus, is a charming design accessory guaranteed to catch your bunny’s interest. Your pet will enjoy scratching its cute little green cactus, which can either be hung or laid on the ground.

Moreover, this scratch pad for rabbits is fabricated with 100% natural sisal rope, a material derived from plants. It’s both biodegradable and compostable, ensuring this rabbit scratching post poses no risk to your pet.

Cactus rabbit scratching post

Remember, even with this scratching post available for your rabbit, regular nail trims are still necessary. This should be done monthly or every six weeks, depending on your bunny’s nail growth. For any uncertainties, consult your vet or a professional groomer.


  • Material: Sisal
  • Size: 40cm x 30cm / 15.75in x 11.81in
  • Design: Cactus