Beige Rabbit Carrier Backpack


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Beige Rabbit Carrier Backpack: making pet travel easy

Presenting our Beige Rabbit Carrier Backpack – an essential bunny accessory for bun owners. This rabbit backpack offers an ideal solution for safely transporting your furry friend, whether it’s a quick trip to the vet or an adventurous outing.

Rabbit Carrier Backpack

Ensuring a secure and cozy space for your bunny, this rabbit pet carrier also features a transparent dome at the front, allowing your pet to observe their surroundings.

On the sides of this all-purpose rabbit carrier, mesh openings provide maximum ventilation, adding to your pet’s comfort during the journey.

bunny carrier backpack

On the sides of this rabbit travel carrier, there are mesh openings that provide maximum ventilation for your pet, along with three air entries at the front and holes at the front dome. This greatly contributes to their well-being during the journey, as they won’t feel trapped

 The Ultimate Rabbit Accessory

Our Beige Rabbit Carrier Backpack doesn’t just cater to your bunny’s needs! It also boasts side pockets for storing personal items such as your phone or keys.

Moreover, this bunny carrier bag is incredibly easy to store. Simply remove the bottom mat and fold along the creases of the rabbit carrier backpack.

rabbit carrier

Notably, this rabbit pet carrier features a small internal strap for securing your pet’s harness. This means you can let your bunny explore their surroundings upon arrival at your destination, without worrying about them making a dash for freedom.



  • Color: Beige
  • Size: L33cm x W29cm x H42cm / L13in x W11in x H16.5in
  • Backpack with a dome window

Beige Rabbit Carrier Backpack